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GRP Water Tank

SALINA – GRP Sectional Tanks made of hot press molded GRP panels and steel reinforcements are offered in various capacities of 0.5m3~10,000m3 with height 0.5m~5m and different shapes to fit into any spaces for various applications (residential/commercial buildings, water treatment plants, fire fighting, irrigation, etc.).

The GRP (Glassfiber Reinforced Plastic) panel is being made by hot press molding method by processing SMC (Sheet Molding Compound) with glassfiber mat under high temperatures up to 150 ºC and high pressure of min. 500~1500 tons (min. 45 Kgf/cm2), thus it’s durable and hygienic.

Easy & Speedy Construction

The standardized GRP panels and reinforcement members give operational efficiency in the transportation, on-site installation and maintenance.

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GRP Products

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GRP Water Tank

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GRP Domes

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GRP Parking

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Internal Reinforced

GRP Water Tank

Internally Reinforced System

– It is possible that various capacity’s design and flexible space should be used by GRP panels standardized
– Excellent water tightness, hygienic conditions and non-leakage applied internally reinforced stay(Stainless)

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External Reinforced

GRP Water Tank

Externally Reinforced System

– By using external reinforcement bar at the exterior, it is minimizing internal reinforcement bar. Strengthened GRP water tank system is to simplify construction and reinforce cleanliness.

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Wall Panel

Tanks can be erected to hight range of 0.5m~5m in 0.5m and 1m increments. The following is only an example and there can be more variations by combinations of different panels.

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About 600mm free space in all directions is required as shown below for maintenance and installation of tanks.

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